The fallens GM Application(more)

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The fallens GM Application(more)

Post  Fallen on Tue Aug 18, 2009 10:16 am



Where i live:Berlin,Germany
Name:john. Age:18. Where i live:Berlin

About me:I play at least 6 hours maplestory,i swim,i play golf,i play tennis,i ride horse,i drive my 275 hp boat and Jet-Ski,i play table tennis,etc...

My GM experience:i got experienced in 5 servers.They are BerzerkMs(Admin)-DopeMs(admin)-KickyouMs(admin)-OctimusMs and DisfunctionalMs.

What will i do when i see a hacker:I ll first be sure and jail him for one hour,if he hacks when i unjail him,i ll ban him/her.

Why should i be GM:because i can help the server about players(i can get more players to tue game),im active,friendly,responsible,honest and trustworthy.

Why can i be a GM:Because im helpful,active,responsible,not rude,im a nice person.

Thanks for listening me again!xD



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Post  per on Wed Mar 17, 2010 4:49 pm

your ign on Disfunctionalms? i was an admin. and there were no "Johns" in disfunctionalms


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