Poof's GM Application

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Poof's GM Application

Post  tehabcs on Fri Sep 04, 2009 2:18 am

Name: Justin

IGN: Poof

Age: 14

Position: Event GM / Police GM / Intern

Country/TimeZone: California [PST]

What would you do if you saw your BEST friend hacking: I would have to follow the rules of JayKayMs and Bann him/her.

What would you do if you saw someone hacking: First I will give him/her 1 warning if they still hack i will Ban him/her

How long are you on: I am online most of the time Very Happy for atleast 4-10hrs a day but i have school now so like 4-5hrs

Can you code: Sry I can Not Code :[
If yes, show me an example: Can't Code Sorry

Experience:Then for anything I need for id's, commands, banning, anything. I know it. I am Friendly to others i respect all players in UnitedStories. I was a GM in other servers so i know how to manage events ,bannings , and players in help. I have been Gm for some private servers but they got shut down :/. I played alots of private server before and alot of ppl like me. Been playin global for like 3yrs.

Extra Info: On Bottom

Email : teeheejg@yahoo.com

Aim: Jg79950

Why should we choose you: You should choose me, because I am different then the rest. I know I can change the server for the better, especially because i know how the game should run like. I'm serious when i need to be.i can handle helping ppl i am very likeable. i can make friends i already help ppl that need help in the server. i will ban ppl if they are hacking or not following the rules. I am on when people are not on so i can change help the server.

Thank you for taking the time reading my application.
Please consider me to join the staff at JayKay MS -Poof


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