David's, GM APP

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David's, GM APP

Post  David on Mon Aug 10, 2009 4:15 am

Name : David Kim

IGN : David

Age : 16

Position : Super GM Level 3 / 4

Country/TimeZone : Los Angeles, California, Pacific Time Zone.

What would you do if you saw your BEST friend hacking: First of all, if my friend is hacking, I would give him a three warnings. The first warning is to tell him to stop, if he still does it, I will jail him for a hour or so, if he still does it, I will ban him with no choice. I really don't care if my friend is nice, I just want to help the community.

What would you do if you saw someone hacking : I would give them three warnings. The first warning is to tell him/her to stop, if not stop, I will jail him/her, and when he/her hacks again, I will ban him/her.

How long are you on : I am actually active
Weekends : 17 hours
Weekdays : 16 hours

School times
Weekends : 17 hours
Weekdays : 4-6 hours

Can you code : No, sorry, I cannot code.
If yes, show me an example:

Experience : I have experienced on Super GM on MynorityStory and StalkMs.

Extra Info : I was born on June 3rd,1993. I love to play games and play fair. My favorite games are : Maplestory private server , Soldier front , GunZ the Duel , and somtimes Combat Arms. I like to help the community for Maplestory private servers. Helping the community is actually fun to me. Whenever I help someone, I have this feeling that is good inside of me! I mostly play FPS(First Person Shooter) Games. I'm much a geek, my friends call me Dnerd. Lmao. Well, Thank you for reading my GM Application. I hope you have a good time guys!


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Re: David's, GM APP

Post  Admin on Mon Aug 10, 2009 5:18 am


1st of all , should give them all 1 warning will do..... they dun know whats Afraid of the dark..

if 1 warning didn't change them.

tell me Very Happy or jacob.
Or Genie.

what so ever . Very Happy




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