Adrian Gm apllication

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Adrian Gm apllication

Post  Ghost on Sun Aug 16, 2009 2:30 am

Name: Adrian W


Age:13 almost 14

Position: Norway/Oslo

Country/TimeZone: (GMT+2)

What would you do if you saw your BEST friend hacking:
I would take a screen and talk to a higher rank then me. and give him a ban or say to him to close the hack. but i think i would ban him.

What would you do if you saw someone hacking:

like i said i would take a screen shot and talk to an higher rank then me. and ban him for 1 hour and let him come in and then let a higher rank ban him.

How long are you on:

Hmm i can be a long time lon like 6 hours day sometimes but now i have school and have much homeworks. but I can certainly be on servers in the weekend illustrations 15 / 7.

Can you code:
If yes, show me an example:

No sorry


No. I have never been Gm on a MS server, but I would like to learn meg all commands and be a good Gm

Extra Info:

I was born in 1995 29 agusti in Poland. I moved to Sweden when I was 3 months. after I lived in Sweden until I was 12 and moved to Norway and now I live here in Norway. would you like to know more about me contact me only


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