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Keno''s Gm app

Post  keno4997 on Sun Aug 16, 2009 12:22 am

Keno Nguyen


My experience:
I was a gm at B4UMS and i was the owner of KenoMS. Ive also have been playing maplestory for about 3 years.

I live in California and my timezone is Pacific coast.

do you have a job?
I do have a job but i only work on weekends. My job is to work on heavy lifting stuff like to work with bounce houses. Btw i have a funny story to tell you. One time while i was at work we knocked on the door and one guy came out naked without a towel!!!! and he had the smallest penis ever!!! only had to take a glance.

My hobbies are accually simple i only play b-ball and i bodyboard. Also one time when i was playing basketball i was playing with a group of of adult guys and guess what? I knocked a guy out!!!! on accident. I also love to do wrestling and boxing. Another story is when i went to bodyboard it was so kool!! i caught a wave i did a 360 and then i went into a dropknee on accident. for those who doesnt know what a dropknee is its when u go on one knee on your board. Also when i was watching a video on a guy who did 6 360s on one wave!!!! it was sweet.
i can't find the video right now but ill try to find it for u it was so knarly!!

What would u do to benifit this server?
well ill try me best to advertise this server to the full amount of my power. I can provide some scripts if u are in need of some. I just do whatever it takes to make this server great.

How many hours do you regulary play?
To be honest i can only play 2 hours a day but i can try to extend that.

On The Job :What steps do you take to resolve an issue? i use 3 steps to resolve a problem 1st is find out who are the people, 2nd find out why it happend 3rd find a solution.

When faced with a disgruntled player, what do you do? i would find out why they are displease or how i can please and help them with there problem.

How would you handle with a hacker? i would ban the hacker as soon as i see them because they want to ruin our game and i would not hesitate to ban them.

If two people were fighting, what would you do? i would first find out why they are fighting then find the soloution to the problem so it wont and not let it get out of handle.

How much time do you spend socializing? i spend most of my time socializing out the game but in the game its all about my job and now getting off task but when im not patroling training rooms i will socialize with freinds.

How much effort would you put into working? I would put as much effort i would put into anything and in this job because thats why i'm applying for gm.

How good are you at following directions/instructions/rules? i am excellent at following directions,instructions and rules i am a good listener and dont disobey rules.

What would you do, if I sent you to ban a friend? I would ban them without any questions asked its my job thats why i am applying for the job.

Scenario 1:
Your best friend asks you for a special favor (i.e. scroll for them, give item, give level, change job),
and they are just constantly nagging you about it. How would you deal with their requests?

Answer: I would say to my friend sorry i cant i am not aloud to and it wouldn't be fair to the rest of the players if i did and i could lose my job sorry. You come into contact with two players/parties arguing over a boss channel, they are just continuously
fighting and are starting to create a big disruption. How would you resolve this conflict

Answer: I would first ask who was here first then ask the other party that wasnt there first would cc if they wouldn't i would have to warn them and give him 3 chances last chance i will have to jail them for not listening.

Scenario 3:
You are in the FM minding your own business and an angry player starts saying a lot of disrespectful
and unnecessary stuff to you. Knowing he/she is trying to get under your skin, how do you react?

Answer: Well i would first find out why he/she is so angry and then help them calm down and help resolve there problem as best as i can.

Scenario 4:
You are having a terrible day and just mad at the whole world. You log on maple and people are nagging
you about leveling them up, or throwing events. How would you deal with the stress?

Answer: I would tell them sorry i am not aloud to level them up and i would throw and event later and to please leave me alone for a bit i didn't have good day and go into hide where i can be alone or go to gm map.

Scenario 5:
You are caught in a big dilemma, I left you in-charge of the server and I found out that you abused your
powers but I have not talked to you about it. How honest would you be, knowing that you could lose your position?

Answer: Its my responsibility and i would confess to it and would not ask any questions if you were to fire me.

Final thoughts
I love this server and ill do my best to make it the best!!! Oh and i am applying for Gm lvl 3. I just hope i can help u with the server, and i really hope u liked this gm app and i have more stories but i dont want to put in this right now.


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